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    Default Leaving school for a call

    I am a senior in high school, and I am past 18 years old. I could not find anything that would stop me from leaving school to go on a call. Are there and laws in KY and restrict my leaving school?

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    There is not anything that I know of. But I wouldnt just go leaving school for calls just because. Even though your over 18 your still a student and a responsibility of the school system. If anything happens to you while you are suppose to be in school they would be liable and im sure theres probably some law pertaining to that. I was 18 my entire senior year in High school, I left school to go on some calls after oking it with my teacher and signing out in the office, this was ok with the principle because I discussed it with her before hand.
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    Many years ago :-( haha thats the same that I did as well. Just discuss it with your principal and this should be okay. This of course depends on where in the state you live in though.


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