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    I am looking to get the N6a Sam Houston. Is it true that the helmet is not adjustable? I was wondering how you size it then since if its sized to fit to your head, it won't fit with your mask and hood on. Is this true? How does everyone deal with it. I don't want to spend that much for something that wont be what I'm looking for.

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    it is adjustable with the ratchet adjustment. Although most people remove the suspension so it sits lower.

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    Thay all come with ratchets new...mine no longer has that ratchet though. I just fit it to my head with foam, and it fits perfect. Buy a large, that way you won't ever have a problem fitting it.
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    it is adjustable with the ratchet but some people do remove them i got a med n5a and i removed the ratchet and it fits just fine it will go over your mask and hood.

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