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    Default Blue Lights in New York State

    Hey guys,

    I have heard that in NYS you can have ONE blue light "system", or 2 or 3 blue lights hooked up to one switch, and ultimatly one wire. How true is this, or not? I only know of the ONE blue light per persone vehicle. I'm just wondering because I just bought a new blue light and now I have two. I'd like to run them both, but I don't want to get in trouble.


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    Post New York State Vehicle and Traffic Code

    Section 375, subsection 41, sub-subsection 4 reads as such:

    4. Blue light. a. One blue light may be affixed to any motor vehicle
    owned by a volunteer member of a fire department or on a motor vehicle
    owned by a member of such person's family residing in the same household
    or by a business enterprise in which such person has a proprietary
    interest or by which he or she is employed, provided such volunteer
    firefighter has been authorized in writing to so affix a blue light by
    the chief of the fire department or company of which he or she is a
    member, which authorization shall be subject to revocation at any time
    by the chief who issued the same or his or her successor in office. Such
    blue light may be displayed exclusively by such volunteer firefighter on
    such a vehicle only when engaged in an emergency operation. The use of
    blue and red light combinations shall be prohibited on all fire
    vehicles. The use of blue lights on fire vehicles shall be prohibited
    and the use of blue lights on vehicles shall be restricted for use only
    by a volunteer firefighter except as otherwise provided for in
    subparagraph b of this paragraph.
    b. In addition to the red and white lights authorized to be displayed
    pursuant to paragraph two of this subdivision, one or more blue lights
    or combination blue and red lights or combination blue, red and white
    lights may be affixed to a police vehicle, provided that such blue light
    or lights shall be displayed on a police vehicle for rear projection
    only. In the event that the trunk or rear gate of a police vehicle
    obstructs or diminishes the visibility of other emergency lighting on
    such vehicle, a blue light may be affixed to and displayed from the
    trunk, rear gate or interior of such vehicle. Such lights may be
    displayed on a police vehicle when such vehicle is engaged in an
    emergency operation. Nothing contained in this subparagraph shall be
    deemed to authorize the use of blue lights on police vehicles unless
    such vehicles also display one or more red or combination red and white
    lights as otherwise authorized in this subdivision.
    c. The commissioner is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations
    relating to the use, placement, power and display of blue lights on a
    police vehicle.

    Here's your answer straight from Albany.
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    Ask the chief he will know!

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    Its one blue light per veichle, and its also under a certain wattage. Most modern LEDS exceed the limit. Where we are the cops work hand in hand with us and many are vollies in the local depts. , so they dont bust us. I dont use one because no one moves over. I take my time, if its big enough it will still be there when I arrive.

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    Post Dropped the watts limit

    rescuedawg, as you can see from the actual Vehicle and Traffic Code I posted above, Albany finally got a little smart a few years ago and dropped the 32 watt limit.
    Yes, I've been on the job long enough to remember when we couldn't have anything brighter than a tail light bulb, but as strobes and brighter incandesants came along, every began ignoring that part of the code.
    One light and that's it. Most police officers I've talked to let the fire chief enforce that rule.
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    We have guys in my department with a dash light, lightbar, grille lights and headlight/taillight stobes. It is in clear violation but the police really don't seem to bother them. I admit, I was a little tempted to go crazy, but thought better of it.

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