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    Default Florida Fire Standards

    Does anyone know if Florida accepts any of the online fire academies? The problem I have is I am a paramedic and my schedule won't work around an academy. I was always told to go through Paramedic school before fire academy and I would get hired on and put through...well that isnt really the case anymore as more departments are ceasing this opportunity. I live in Sarasota and the only places I know of still doing it are Charlotte County and Orange County. Both of which are full and way out of my area. I wish Florida wasn't so strict about things, its rediculous.
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    Go to Hillsborough CC. The Fire training ground is just southeast of Ybor city on Adamo/60. Its a single weekday night and your saturday, it fulfills all the requirements of the state, and its Cake (if youre not a fat bastard).

    Youll be done in 6 months and on your way.

    PS, almost forgot, tuition, for whatever reason, is DIRT CHEAP too. You cant lose.

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