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    Default LODD MEMORY BELL.. Should it be moved to new truck

    Our fire department lost a chief in the 1980's. When we purchased a new vehicle in 1991 we mounted a bell on the bumper that said in memory of..... Now, we purchaced a new 100ft velocity tower. Should it be placed on this bumper or in a display case? Let me know your opinions and feel free to give new ideas.

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    Save your display case for parade trophies.

    A good bell should out last many trucks. I would keep it in service, mounted on a front line truck, and ring it on every emergency run in honor of your departed Chief. You don't have to ring it constantly during a run, just give it a ring or two, and always remember why you do it. Teach your new people to do the same and the tell them about your Chief.

    The bell in my avatar is from a 1952 Merryweather Regent. It served in Redcross Street Station of London, England. I felt that it belonged on a truck, so I mounted it on my 1926 Prospect Chemical Engine.
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    I could not think of a better way to honor a past chief.
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    Wink memory bell

    Hi: new to the fourm but not new to the fire services. P.O.V. on the memory bell. Check out the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation on the web....and locate the bell presentation there. Any bell that is "in service" towards the memory of a fallen member or to honor someone in the fire services should be "struck" on a regular basis or as a sober occasion. To not do so whould not be of service to the reasons any bell is used especially in the fire services. It means that there is purpose, unity, and strength in the ringing and remembrance. This is along the lines of having a "tradition" and each department has those which set it aside and make it unique in its' composure and establishment of remembrances. So...make the bell "live" and "work" it's way throughout the department you serve in and into the bell as well as your departments future as a viable message of remembrance of times past...of service given....of strength and unity from those who have served with distinction and of those who have contributed to the wellfare and well being of the public and the members that they stood shoulder to shoulder with. Having a departmental tradition means keeping your eye on the bell.....and the reasons it is used......to sound a bit melodramatic...."ask not for whom the bell tolls.....the bell it tolls for thee..." and to that I would add...all others who step up to the mark and serve....

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