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    Question Backround Investigation?

    Can a backround investigator call your high school and ask if you were suspended and why ? I know they can get your transcripts to see if you graduated but was not sure if personal records were available to them. Are disciplinary actions (such as suspension) private?

    It's my understanding the personal files are kept with a counseler and it's up to them to decide whom the info is given out to.

    I misread the ? about being suspended and said no. It had stated have you ever been suspended from any school, college or university.

    I thought it was just asking about college and said NO

    Should I call or send a letter to try and correct the mistake?

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    You sign off your rights when you take a background so they can look at anything they want. It all depends on how thorough they want to go. If you misread the question consider calling and changing your answer.

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