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    Default Cold weather Mods

    Does your department make any cold weather modifications to your operations, or rehab sectors etc. ?

    Because we are not always operating in toasty environments, I carry a jump bag with extra boot socks, gloves, hood and warm pull down hat.
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    Because my leather boots have such horrible snow and ice traction I always throw on a set of ice cleats, makes a huge difference. and a set of "Hot Hands" can always be found in my coat, for those long calls.

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    Another one I just remembered is throwing some rock salt or ice melt in your speedy dry helps provide some immediate traction at icy calls.

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    Definitely the extra clothes. Socks at least. I get drenched every time I'm doing water supply, so it's nice to have the change of clothes. I was at the wrong end of a charged 5" line with a busted manifold on the end at my last fire. It made the next few hours chilly, to say the least.

    Aside from the extra clothes, I guess just remember to circulate the pumps if you're not flowing water, and make sure there's coffee available.


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