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    Post FEMA Online Certifications

    I was just wondering how much of an emphasis is placed on these online certifications within the fire service. I know some volunteer departments and even states that require some of them as CEU credits, but beyond that I don't know much about how they are looked at and for what. Do they make a difference when trying to get hired and why? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    took all of these to over four different departments during interviews. got only one response from a batt. chief. And i quote " your complient, but you know what i think these are good for? if you run out of paper towels you can wipe up a mess with them."( at this point i believe i was shrinking and my throat was as dry as its ever been). most of these "certs" have the answers posted somewhere else online, a buddy of mine had all of them in 20 minutes. i believe most interview panels know this, but again they make you complient.

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    My employeer required 700 and 800. They are a joke, but I had to do it.

    I suggest going out and getting the real deal class.

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    Thanks guys I had heard both of people requireing courses from them and also of people not thinking they are worth a darn due to the ease of the courses. Just though I would see any elses experiences with them.

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    so all in all would you guys suggest getting the certs?
    if so which ones?


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