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    Question Too good to be true?

    I see in one of the advertisments in this months magazine an ad for One Suit TEC. Their web site claims their suits have no shelf life. Has any one had dealing with them? Any good or bad experiences?
    The level A suits our State gave us are about to reach the manufacturers shelf life limit and we are starting to do research on replacements. Since we have a lot of potential to be dealing with flammable liquids, the flash level A suit is one thing we are looking in to.
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    Default New Level A suits

    We just had a sales rep bring the suits down for us to take a look at them. They are made out of a different type of material that does not crease from being folded. They are also repairable by the manufacturer in the event that they are damaged in any way during use, provided they are not contaminated.

    The sales rep said FDNY, Chicago, and LA were currently ordering the suits. I have not confirmed this information and maybe some others on the forums can.

    The suits seemd pretty good to us but they are more expensive and we are going to get a suit to test for a while before we buy them. The technology is new to the fire service as it was originally made for the military and has now become available on the general market. The price should come down some by the middle of the new year if you can wait that long. That's what our plan is.
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    We have received these suits on a grant. They are by far the most vapor protective suit on the market. The support seems to be good.

    As far as shelf life goes, we will see. My feeling is that all suits should have an unlimited shelf life as long are properly stored and can pass a pressure test.
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    The shelf life attracted us as well, and from the bid we got, they are not significantly more expensive than the 2 piece flash suits. When I asked the rep from the "other" suit manufacturer about the OneSuit, he had a fit. "Only test to 21 chemicals, can't back up shelf life claim, no experience in civilian market, etc". The heated protest told me I was on to something good. The suit has been tested and meets NFPA 1991. The company has been doing military equipment for a long time, and we all know how difficult military specs can be.

    We had the rep in and were impressed. Fit and mobility were significantly better, especially with the flash suit, IMO. We are hoping to pick up a few when some $ comes available.

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