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    Question NFPA 1971, 2000 Edition

    I was curious if you are suppose to or are required to use turnouts that meet the 2000 edition and labeled as such? Or is it perfectably acceptable to use turnouts that meet an older edition standards. Or whats the policy on that?

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    You don't have to do anything that the NFPA says, that being said OSHA or other regulatory agencies can write citations off of industry standards like NFPA.

    The interesting part about the most recent NFPA standard is the removal of PPE after 10 years regardless of condition.

    There are several good articles out there on this standard and potential compliance issues. I think the last one I saw was in fire engineering.

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    Default thanx

    Never thought about it much myself, My brother recently joined my dept. and had questions about it. I read alot about it online but wasnt sure what to make out all the different things I read

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    Well, in New Jersey we don't have to do anything that OSHA says since we aren't an OSHA state. We do, however, follow NFPA guidelines as well as follow our own county guidelines. If you live around Ocean County, NJ or in one of our neighboring states, you might hear about us because we actually created our own guidelines as per certain procedures we do such as RIT/FAST teams. I do know that to go through and to graduate fire school here you have to have all turnout gear and air packs NFPA approved, but it doesn't matter it it's the brand new version or a few years old as long as it is NFPA approved.

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