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    Default Donning zip/lace structural boots and turnouts

    I'm getting back into the fire service after many years away. I have enjoyed (and been amazed) looking thru all the 'stuff' available to today's firefighters. There has been a real revolution in equipment since I was involved.

    My question is about the lace/zip structural boots, such as the Globe Magnum 12". This one:


    How do you don the zip structural boots and turnouts? Does it work just like pull-on boots (bunker pants down around boots, step in an pull up), and there is room to zip up. Or do you have to put on bunker pants, then boots and zip up?

    Not going to buy boots now, just wondering. I have narrow/low volume feet, and it takes 3 pair of wool socks to keep a pull-on boot on my feet and not roll my ankles either.

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    Same as a pull on boot except you have to remember to lift up the pant leg and zip them up. Thats how i have always seen it done.
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    And that's how I do it. Step into the boots, pull the trousers up, bend and pull up the zips. It works. Make sure you keep the zips clean and lubricated though! ( the occasional light squirt of motorcycle chain lube works perfectly for me) (emphasis on the word "light")

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    The Globe Magnums are avaialble in different widths and has liners to account for light socks or heavier socks.

    I have a pair of the 14" pull ons and they feel like a broken in pair of sneakers.
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    Default pull ons

    i'd go with the 14" globe pull ons myself. Easier and faster. Seconds save lives
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