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    Default Where to sell a used Engine

    Anyone have some idea on a good place to sell a used fire truck?

    We have a 78 Chevy (Towers Apparatus) with a 750 front mount pump, 1000 gal tank. It only has 4000 miles on it and we need to sell it so that we can purchase a tanker/pumper.

    Thanks for any input.
    Kirk Allen
    Chief, Kansas, IL Fire Protection District

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    Do a search for used fire apparatus dealers, we sold our last two engines through Fire Trucks Plus, but there are several others companies who deal in used equipment.

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    One business that does a good job of selling used apparatus is
    Firetec apparatus sales. www.firetec.com 800-347-3832

    They are a commission sales agency that moves a large amount of trucks each year. they do a lot of print advertising and have a great website.
    They are nice folks to work with and will be upfront in assisting your dept.

    disclaimer I do not work for them or have any interest in the business

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    Thanks guys. I apprecaite the leads.

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    Departments in this area have had a lot of success on Ebay. One example, a broker offered $20k for an old rescue as a trade in and the dept was able to sell it on Ebay for $60K.
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    These guys are awesome!!! I'd get in touch with them and see what they cold buy your apparatus for. Also yes try Firetec which was mentioned.
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    You have a broker in your backyard, and my department has used him to sell a number of rigs. He's also done well selling rigs for at least one customer I dealt with.

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    I second the eBay route.

    My department offered a 1980 Seagrave locally for $4000.

    I put it up on eBay and got us over $8500.

    I should have bought it myself and kept the difference, but it earned me about ten attaboys, where usually you can only earn about two per year.

    If you put it up on eBay....

    Take a TON of pictures. All sides (close enough to see paint damage or wear and tear), in compartments, in cab, close-ups of damage/dents/dings, undercarriage, engine compartment, pump compartment, tires, areas prone to rust, roof, hosebeds, nameplates and weight rating labels, all glass, dashboard with odometer and chronometer, anything else interesting. Also offer in the listing to send photos of anything specific requested by potential bidders.

    Better yet, in addition to all the pictures, post some low-resolution video clips (easier to download). Take a continuous video of the apparatus starting up. Remove the engine cowl first, then start the clip from the driver turning on the battery and following the startup procedure, then walk to the engine compartment so the sound of the engine running is on the clip. Also, take some video of the pump being put into gear, then show the pump panel being operated and a hoseline being put into service, including having someone open the tip (be sure they're in full PPE with helmet so you don't get nastygrams ). Take a video clip (for sound purposes) of the front of the rig (lights on of course) while someone demonstrates the siren and air horn.

    Seriously, this is a big investment and bidder confidence is important, it is hard to ever have too many pictures or video clips.

    Be VERY detailed with the description, specify major maintenance, refits, rebuilds, last pump and ladder cert dates, everything you can think of. List all pump specs, number if outlets/inlets and coupling sizes, compartment sizes, hosebed sizes, overall height and weight (empty/full), etc etc etc ad nauseum.

    Peruse some of the apparatus listings on eBay and take note of what people did that works and what doesn't.

    Whatever method you choose, good luck.
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    Default Auction site

    An alternative auction site for fire equipment , both apparatus and other surplus equipment, is www.govdeals.com.

    Our city has used the auction site with some success.


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