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    Smile Junior Firefighter's

    Our Fire House Recently Introduced A Junior Firefighting Program. I Am Just Curious To See What Your Companies Are Doing For This Type Of Program. Such As Rules, Regulations, Blue Lights, Etc.

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    In my fire station we dont let the Jr's have blue lights. The junior doesnt do much. When we have a fire call the junior member stays with the driver, also helps the driver out if he needs something . It also depends on what the call is. If it is a dewelling he or she is not allowed on the first due truck. A hazmat call they are not allowed to go at all.

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    Default Jrff

    Check with your State child labor laws before allowing them to do anything.
    In NJ, an interpretation of underage fire service laws shows that kids between 16 & 18 can do anything at a DRILL, but NOTHING at an actual scene. No hose packing, no goffer, no bottle changes, nothing. Might make for some impromptu 3 AM Junior Drills, if they are allowed at calls at that hour.

    I suggest you speak with your town or FD attorney to get interpretations to ensure that everybody is on the same page as what can and can't be done.

    Some local FDs around here only allow JRFFs to respond between 3PM and 10 PM during the week, so as not to interupt school. Others allow children to respond any time of the day or night.

    In my opinion, kids shouldn't be leaving school, or riding first due for any call, regardless of how minor. Yes, they need to learn, but go to the Academy first, then turn 18. There's plenty to do at drills to give them a taste.

    Our County Fire Academy also has a 1/2 day seminar for the parents of JRFFs that they must attend before we will allow their child into class. It shows the parents what the kids will be doing and what is expected of the students. After completion of the Firefighter One program, they will be issued a Junior Firefighter certificate which can be traded in for a Firefighter One certificate once proof of their 18th birthday is provided. Then they can apply to the state for certification at the Firefighter 1 level.

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