I wasn't sure where to post this or even if its appropriate at all but I wanted to share. My local (like many) is currently involved in difficult negotiations with the city and we are currently working with an expired contract. Our problems though are not specifically why I've made this post.

Yesterday someone posted a link on our own forum to a video on YouTube that was obviously created by one of our Local's members s currently unidentified. When I first read about the video, I got a knot in my gut fearing what I was about to view. Thinking it was going to be an all out inappropriate bash feast against the City and our Mayor, I was relieved to find a well done video presentation and appeal to our Mayor.

I just wanted to share the link for anyone interested. I think most firefighters would enjoy especially the second half of the video. Whomever created it put a fair amount of effort into it and I was impressed.


If the link doesnt work, simply search for "Why Mayor Iorio" on YouTube.