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    Default Learning a Second Language?

    ive been told of the importance of learning a second language and that it can help you in the hiring process. Is it true that if you have two applicants, both with equal experience, certs, test scores, and both did a great job in the oral interview, but one applicant is bilingual, will he get the job before the applicant who knows only english? Spanish is the second most widely spoken language and in many areas it is a dominant language compared to english. Spanish doesnt really attract me and im more interested in Japanese.

    So to really boil it down my two questions are: Is being Bilingual necessary in some places and how is it weighted or considered in the hiring process?


    Since spanish is the second most widely spoken language, if i learned japanese, are my chances better compared to not only a person who knows only english, but a person who knows english and spanish?

    Thank you to everyone who answers
    be safe


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    you say that they would have the same experience, certs, etc...but they dont. One has more because of being bilingual. That person has more to offer a department. Being bilingual is another thing that will help out with working with the public. I live in California. In CA, spanish is the second most used language. I feel that it would be the best language to learn as a second language due to my surroundings. If you live in an area that has a lot of people of an Asian decent, then learning one of their languages might help more.

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    Being able to speak a second language is incredibly helpful. One of the best things I ever did is become bilingual in Spanish. I am causasion, however, when I got hired over 20 years ago I was hired because I passed the bilingual test. Today I receive a bilingual bonus for it.
    Learn a foreign language because you are interested in it. Itís very difficult. Having said that, I donít see a great need for Japanese speaking firefighters.
    I too am from California. In my current role I donít use my Spanish too much. When I was going on medical calls I used it all the time.
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    Thank you. I plan to learn a second language once my time has been freed up. Again thank you for your replies.

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    kinda while on the topic

    Would knowing French be of any use in this matter (for being specially considered that you're bilingual)

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    In the Western US, Spanish would be the best.

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    It is helpful during the hiring process, but depending on your department they may not even look at it in terms of where you're assigned...yeah, it makes zero sense. I can speak two other languages and I was never even asked to speak them during my hiring process (folks can just lie), nor have I ever used it during a call.

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    Whatever (second) language is most common in the area of the country in which you will be seeking employment would likely be the most beneficial for you to learn.

    I have always wanted to learn sign language. Over the years, I have been to many incidents involving the deaf.
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    I don't know but I here laughing.


    I recently started Spanish classes at a night adult school. It's fun, but hard. I have been finding that is needed more and more in my area. My wife is a teacher in a large Spanish area. She tells me all the time how it makes such a big deference in talking to parents.
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