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    Default Setting up a gym at home

    I am trying to set up a home gym in my garage.

    I want to set up a gym thats compatible with a crossfit type of workout and would like to do this as cheaply as possible. I already have a pull up stand, weights, heavy bag and a treadmill.

    I would like to hear any suggestions on what else I should have in there. I would love to get ahold a tractor tire but have no idea where to even begin looking.

    Any ideas?

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    You can do almost everything and more on an exercise ball versus a bench that takes up more room. Look into some Kettle Bells, they are one of the fastest growing purchases for home gyms.

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    check out this site -
    the porvide work outs (real butt kickers) , can show a good cheap garage gym and lots of support


    good luck
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    Do you wanna do the crossfit workouts on the main CF site? The crossfit site has like a million things they recomend you buy but you really don't NEED all of that. They are really big on rowing(rowers) but you can just sub running or sumo deadlift high pulls with just the bar weight (20kgs/45lbs). Also you can find crossfit sub sites that do different types of workouts requiring less, different, or more equipment. www.newjerseycrossfit.com usually just uses pull ups, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises. The crossfit workouts I use are from CrossFit Navy SEALS and they swim a lot. I think the following would set you up to never have to miss a workout of the day:

    Olympic Bar w/ bumper plates(regulars if you can slam/drop them safely)
    Pull up bar(hopefully you can do dips on the one you got)
    20" box or platform for doing box jumps
    kettlebells or dumbells (KB's are better)
    Squat rack and bench. (If you aren't gonna be doing lifts over 300lbs you can get a bench/rack combo from wallmart from $135-200 depending on brand.)

    I don't see you needing anything else. You can make a wallball by cutting open and old basketball, filling it with sand until you reach around 20lbs then ductape and superglue it shut.

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    Wanna know something simple that will kick your butt and turn an old exercise new? Downside of it, it is rather expensive if you get the actual product and not the cheap Walmart version...


    For the most part, except for the workout cards for like 11 bucks, ignore the rest of the stuff.

    Believe it or not, your body is used to doing pushups in one way. This new way of doing them will make your body stop and try and figure out what is going on.
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