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    Default Light Question.

    I was wondering if anybody here has this set up. I am not sure what the flash pattern is and the listing really doesn't tell you. Thanks.

    Signal Halogen Grille Lights with Flasher and Switch

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    You'll be lucky to find halogen lights going beyond the basic wig-wag pattern. I'd go with strobe, or even LED.

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    I have them and indeed all they do is flash back and forth (like a wig-wag). I have been told that they show up well.

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    have a set in my 87 F-150 along with a MX-7000, the work good, i like the fact they have glass lenses rather than plastic. they take a lot of abouse and i like them alot. one work of advice, hide that big honkin ugly swich/relay under the hood and run a wire into the cab to a remote toggle (like on a swich box) just turn on the swich on the relay and then you can toggle them on and off from inside.

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    Really like speedtechlights out of austin tx. they demo their products in videos and are very reasonable. Have ordered led's sirens flashstrobes and was very satisifed on price and delivery.

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    Never heard of Speed Tech Lights until the above post. Checked out thier website and was blowen away by thier prices and how they actualy have vidos of all thier lights. Has anyone ever bought from them before? The Full Signal LED bar for $700 with built in arrow stick and switch box is a unreal deal!

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