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    Default how easy is it to relocate to another state after you have been a FF for a while?

    I'm in Texas...let's say I become a FF here in Fort Worth. Then, X amount years later, I need to relocate to another state. How easy is it to find a job in another city?
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    Not sure where you plan on going, but if you don't score a rare lateral hiring in St. Paul, much of Minnesota, if not all, requires you test and start at the beginning like the rest.
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    Simple depands where you want to go and their hiring requirments. After scanning the national job listings, it seems Firefighter/Paramedics are in demand in a lot of places. If you are one, its suggested you get on the National Registry.

    This is the case if youre looking to relocate out to California, Arizona or Nevada. California specifically doesnt accept out of state FF1, FF2, IFSAC or Fire Pro. The standards are just different.

    If youre a civilian Federal Firefighter, then you can transfer into California and start the process from step 1 with the help of your FD management.

    You can find the nationwide jobs at sources like this-


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    Check the departments you want to work for, initially. Some cities/states required state-certifed FF and EMT certs. Some may accept NR, some may not. Some cities require residency prior to hire.

    I am going thru this situation right now. Was a FF in NV, went to Iraq, came back to FL. Had to get my FL FF and EMT certs, before I could apply anywhere in state. Luckily, I was able to challenge the FF test. Took the NR EMT test (twice actually, once for the state and once for the actual NR). If I wasn't allowed to challenge, would have had to go thru the comm college fire program which would have set me back many, many months (years maybe). Just really depends on where you want to work and what they require. As far as federal, I have no knowledge regarding that process.

    Of course, I am having to test from the beginning. It is definitely harder to get hired a second time than it was initially, at least thats been the case for me so far. Haven't come across many lateral positions that I could apply for. As stated above, many require medic, but many also have very specific requirments for lateral positions. Once again, you'll have to check with the specific agency/dept you are interesting in.

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