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    Im trying to get picked up by CDF even atleast as a seasonal so I can get on the fast track to being picked up permanent by them. Really the one thing holding me back from getting seasonal is the 67 hour course. Im trying to find a way to take it possibly on weekends or one or two days a week so it doesn't interfere with my work with the Forest Service as a firefighter. I am also attending the Forest Service Academy in March so Im trying to figure out my gameplan here so I can get on with CDF.

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    Might find more info here-
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    I took the 67 in San Bernardino and was not a seasonal. I believe San Lois Obisbo (spelling) offers it too. Just search it on the web and you will find a class. The new supplementals for Cal Fire FF2 and Engineer comes out in the next month or so. Did you put in for them? I applied back in 2004 and got my hire letter for Napa and Santa Cruz about 3 weeks ago.

    Good luck with the 67 and I know you will do well,


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    Santa Rosa Jr. College offers the 67 hr CAL FIRE Academy twice a year in the summer semester.

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