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    I recently had my interview with LA City and received a background packet. Now i have to go back in 2 weeks with my packet filled out for my "background interview." Anyone know what to expect? Do they just ask me about my background packet? I was told it is graded and given a score. Not sure what to expect. Anyone thats gone through the process or could shed some light would be great. Be safe

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    I can be of a little help. I had my background interview 2 weeks ago. It's very straightforward. Here's a general idea of what's going to happen. There are certain things they ask you not to talk about, which I will not mention here, but I don't think I'm giving away any secrets by walking you through a rough outline of what you're going to experience.

    You will show up (in your suit, of course) and be directed to the basement of the personnel office. You and 25-30 of your closest buddies will be herded into a room and told to fill out a bunch of additional forms. These are all straightforward informational forms and some releases stating that they have your permission to access things like your employment records, etc.

    Then when everyone has filled out those forms, you're taken to another room where you will fill out a questionnaire asking you to detail any possible bad thing a human being could have ever done in his/her life. You must answer yes or no to these questions and provide an explanation for any "yes" answers. They make it very clear that you are not to discuss the contents of the questionnaire outside of that room, so I won't divulge any specifics.

    When you're done, you raise your hand and one of the 5 or 6 ex cops who are running the show will take you into another room and go over your Personal History Form and the questionnaire. The cop might ask you to clarify things you've written down, clear up anything that's not clear, etc.

    Then they walk you out and you're done. You will hear from them. They will make very clear the adage "Don't call us, we'll call you." They're very serious about that.

    After that, all of your information, everything from your written test score, your oral interview score, your PHF and your background questionnaire all go in front of an Initial Panel review of qualifications, which consists of (if I remember correctly) a chief officer, a captain, and a member of the personnel department. They decide whether or not you move on in the process. If you do move on, then the full field investigation starts, where they will begin pulling your credit reports, talking to former employers and references, knocking on your neighbors' doors, etc.

    If you make it through the field investigation, your info goes in front of another, final panel, where they may or may not decide to grant you a conditional job offer. If you get a job offer, you have to pass the medical and psych tests. Pass those, and you get to hop on the 19 week torture train that is the drill tower, which roughly 40% of people fail out of. Then if you make it through that, you have to get through your probationary year, where you can be fired for any reason. Pretty easy, huh?

    I'm at the point now where I'm waiting for the Initial Panel to get back to me. Wish me luck, and I'll do the same for you!
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    Thanks for all the info. Now I dont feel so blind. Goodluck with the process, I hope I get on. LA is defintely where I want to be. Goodluck man, hope to see you on the job someday soon.

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