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    Default what to do what to wear?

    just got outa emt. now i'm enrolled in the fire academy here in michigan in january.

    2 problems. one, i need turnout gear and was hoping u guys knew of a cheaper place than i was given. its around 650 with the deposit for me to rent gear through the source i was given.

    2 and more importantly, i dont want to work in michigan. i'd rather work somwhere else. i see vegas and seattle are hiring noobs to go through their academy. would love to go to seatle. no idea the odds of getting hired into one of their academys is tho. do they actually pay u to go through them?

    i was thinking maybe go through our academy and also apply to other places. i really dont wanna work in mich tho and dont see myself getting hired fulltime anytime soon here anyway with the economy. any suggestions? thanks

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    Try doing a google search for cheap turnout gear. Be prepared to go through another academy after being hired.

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    I have a brand new set for sale. PM me for sizes.
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    i'm not speaking for every department, but to my best knowledge if a department operates their own training academy, or pays for your attendance to one, you are typically on the departments payroll at that time. once again, that is for the vast majority of departments i have seen. i personally was paid a salary for the 7 months i was in academy for fort worth, texas.

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    Default be careful

    be careful taking FF I/II in mich. and then moving to other states. most will not accept Mich ff classes and you will have to retake their academy or at least challange thier exam. dont know which states do accept michigan certs, but just be sure to check on this for wherever you want to move to.
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    Default savannah

    Try savannah, ga., I know its far away but we have guys down here who have left mich. to come here. They are an expanding dept and are hiring. You are paid to go through rookie school and all gear is provided. You will have to take FF1 and FF2 over again though.

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