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    Default Is it normal for my heart rate to be escalated for this long?

    I am a 21 year old male. I am 6'1 and I weigh 175 pounds.

    I went to the gym, lifted weights for about an hour, then got on the treadmill and ran 2 miles in a bout 20 minutes. My heart rate was at 170 after I was done with the 2 mile run.

    I am at home now, about 20-30 minutes after I have stopped running...and my heart rate is at 108. Is this normal?

    My normal resting heart rate is 80.

    I am a bit concerned

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    Recovery rate is a measure of how fast your heart rate returnes to it's normal resting heart rate. The better shape you are in, the faster you return to normal. The lessor shape you are in the longer it takes.

    How long has it been since you ran?
    If you run 3 times a week and have been doing that for several weeks or months, then I would say, no, that's not exactly normal. Dangerous? probably not- but not so great.

    If it was the first time you have run in a month or so, then it's probably normal.

    If you drank coffee or took antihistamines in the morning, then they might have had some impact as to your heart rate. Those things make my heart race.

    Dr. Jen

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