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Thread: My Ride out

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    Default My Ride out

    Hey guys, my ride out on x-mas eve was great. They put me on the engine and it was a slow day through out the city but around 1:50 p.m. we got a call that they said was an oven fire and I ran down the hallway and I beat the officer in puting our gear on. I was the 2nd person to get on the truck and we were the first one's to pull out of the station followed by the truck and then the rescue truck. It was about five mins or less away and the fire fighters put on their scba's ang when we got there I was the first one out. One guy grabbed a halligan and him, another ff and the officer went inside. There wasn't any fire, it just smoked up the house. When I left and went home, my dad said the engine got busy, but I just loved the excitment of the call.

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    Glad you had a good time. Hopefully you learned a something while you were there.
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    I'm sure the enthusiasm was much noticed and appreciated.
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    Good for you man, I'm gald you had a good time. Hopefully you learned a thing or two that will help you down the road.
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    sounds great,
    cant wait for my first ride out

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    That is awesome!

    Hope you get some more good calls on your future ride-alongs.

    Take care and stay safe

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    Default Ride Outs

    Those are a blast to do, I got to do a few at my fathers station. Majority are alarm soundings but I went to a kitchen fire last week and it was wicked fun!!!!

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    Hey. Sounds fun. I am a cadet. I didn't ride on Christmas Eve, however I was down for New Year's Eve. It got really busy around 9:30 P.M. We got like 5'' of snow. So I went on an EMS call. And like 2 accidents. We held up our ladder in quarters until me and chief got there. They both turned out to be Police Only accidents, but it was still fun. On the way to the EMS call we had to turn off all the lights in our vehicle cause the snow and fog made it impossible to see. We were going like 5 down the road which is normally 55. Overall it was a fun night.

    Last 2 weeks I went on 1 possible structure fire, which turned out to be a vent at a landfill. The other big one was a Mutual Aid fire to a nearby town. I went with our D/C since they called for a chief and an engine. It was like 10 degrees out so i just sat in our command vehicle and watched. We parked so i had a good view. It was freezing, a roll of 5'' froze up, and our engine was covered with ice when we got back. We had to use a blow torch to thaw it.

    Fun Fun.

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