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    Question Are most Vol FD's trained for Terrorism?

    i work with a MS. Vol. Fire Dept, and we train, train, train and train, on structual, Wildland, and Vehicle Firefighting, as well as EMS, Auto Extrication, R.I.T., Emergency Driving, Confined Space, Search and Rescue, yet we have not been trained in any Terrorism training. is it worth a Vol. Fire Dept training for this? or not?

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    Everyone should recieve some trainging towards terrorism. Atleast to an awearness level.
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    9-11 started out as a plane crash, any thing we will do is after the fact

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    In your risk assessment. If you find that you may have a chance of a terrorist attack in your area, by all means, you need to add this to your arsenal of training evolutions.

    With all the training that we have to keep up with just to do our daily jobs, adding terrorism training may put a strain on your training department.

    If you can fit this training in your program, kudos to you. I believe that most of the time, you will treat a terrorist incident the same as any other (you may have to be aware of secondary devices aimed at first responders).
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    Default Why send people for terrorism training, let 'em come to you!

    If any department chief's are reading this, believe me, you have an unbiased ally out there that would be willing to give you limited training in terrorism-related threats, your state public health lab. In the last 4 years, every state has started programs covering the most worrysome of terrorist threat preparedness, both chemical and biological. If you just call your state public health lab and ask for the terrorism preparedness coordinator, I GUARANTEE that lab will be willing to send one or two people out TO YOUR DEPARTMENT to give you a quick overview of what may or may not be out there to worry about. The state labs that are not going to your annual State Hazmat meetings don't have an idea how to reach out to you. Some states have problems with their employees going to other states, but ours does not. You just have to ask.

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    Well even though I'm still a student going through the Fire Tech Program at Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California.....I believe that terrorism isn't the biggest issue facing firefighters today. I believe in my opinion that a bigger issue than terrorism would be this. If you think about it, all the time over the United States, all Fire Departments are having senior firefighters leave due to retirement, etc. and having new rookies take over their spot in the crew. May not be the exact position but just a spot on the crew. And every time a Fire Department loses a senior/veteran firefighter...all that experience is lost and the rookie has to learn it. So the rookie is more vulnerable to get hurt. I would like to know if anyone thinks that my opinion is a good one. I mean yes I do think Fire Departments do at least a LITTLE training or something dealing with terrorism. But what I'm saying is that we should pay attention to seniors leaving and new rookies coming while all that experience is lost before we pay attention to terrorism. Because if you think about it. Terrorism happens rarely. Out of the blue, but rarely. The other happens every day.

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    Our volunteer fire company offers the ability to take a Terrorism course, but it's not required. In our county's fire academy, Terrorism and WMD's are part of our Firefighter Level 1 Certification.
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