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    I like my grandfather and my father am in the FIRE SERVICE. I started as a JR fire fighter in 1971. My father was a fireman back when I would sit in my motherís car and watch him and his fellow firefighters run in and out of structure fires with rubber hip boots and old BUNKER gear. No SCBAs, and very little water supply.
    I watched on a number of fires where they took him as well as others to the hospital after being overcome by smoke. I was so taken by the sight of all this and the fact that in my eyes these guys were true heroes. Back then that station alone ran 6 or 7 Fires a week, 1 or 2 of the were large ones. As soon as I could hang around the station I did. My father died of an ugly form of lung cancer, Imagine that.
    So now I am a Firefighter. after the first few years in the fire service the change started, Less and less fires and more medical calls, now I am a FireMedic because that is the best and most true way for ME to fully serve the public. If it were not for the medical side of the house we would only run about 150 calls a year and it is hard to justify multiple stations on a budget the size of ours to the tax payers on a call volume like that. You have to adjust to the times and do whats best for everyone involved.
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