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    Angry Black Hole-Rhode Island

    To: Mayor David N. Cicilline, Chief George Farrell, President (Local 799) Paul Doughty, Council Majority Leader Terrence M. Hassett, Finance Committee Chairman John J. Igliozzi, Frank J. Montanaro and all other’s involved.


    There is a Black Hole in the United States, it’s a tiny pin hole and it’s called “Rhode Island”. It’s filled with hypocrites, liars, two-faced back stabbers, corruption, deceit, prejudice, and whining, sniveling pollutant Political Vermin inhabit it.

    Time to evolve? You see, it began millions of years ago, if you haven’t kept up on your science facts, and is still happening today with every species. Or is this stumping your furry little minds?

    The citizens of Providence have bigger things to worry about than your battle of the wits with Attorneys, Fire Fighters and State Officials. Your adolescent antics are preposterous.

    How about poverty that Rhode Island is boldly facing? Housing prices, taxes, cost of living and pay rate, Providence Schools (I’d continue but it would fill at least 300+ pages). Why don’t you try raising the posterior of the people rather than putting all of your energy into “It’s all about me and I want to win”?

    Let me see if I have this right, and I might be a bit off, but not far; The citizens of Providence don’t want to hear that the Mayor (which is the modern title of the highest ranking municipal officer and works to maintain peace and prosperity throughout..yeah right, he needs med’s) despises, and vise verse, the President of the Firefighters Union. Why because he stormed Hilary’s appearance last she came and tormented him with Pinocchio (if the nose fits)? The Mayor seems to be a little distraught over the fact that Hilary won’t play on his merry-go-round as of late.

    Firefighters around the country will be at the forefront of America's defense against any further terrorist threats. Though this President of the Union needs to start feeding the dragons instead of towel whipping them, and the emergency drill that Providence held for the citizens, that was a no-no however, majority of the general public knows that it was not directed toward them, just bad taste. And the created position? Hearsay.

    The former President of the Firefighters Union, now the Chief (who, by the way, boldly left his men hanging when he abruptly resigned back in 2002 AND, left the now President of the Firefighters Union, then the Vice President, holding the bag. Or have the firefighter’s forgotten about that?) Now he is attacking him with regard to work schedules-overtime, time off and a training appointment that was there but isn’t there anymore and no one knows what happened to it? Ghosts? Seems the Chief is pulling one of his full diaper maneuvers again.

    Firefighters of Providence, keep one eye over your back because the Chief might find skeletons in your closet and if not, he might put one or two there. Power, it’s similar to streptococcus.

    Council Majority Leader and Finance Committee Chairman, what?, you didn’t know, way back when, that the Cities Labor Lawyer was running up a bill that now amounts to a staggering $800,000 plus lunches, hotels and prostitutes; “Costs are excessive” “Hassett targets city’s lawyer over Montanaro’s role in contract talks”; 01:00 AM EST on Friday, December 14, 2007, By Daniel Barbarisi; as stated by the Majority Leader and/or Chairman (Projo didn’t specify) by the city in the last three years? Were you two in the Black Hole again? You’re sulking because the Chairman of Blue Cross protected his own interest with the Blue Cross (and hey, who wouldn’t?) contract and that, as you-or the Mayor feels, is the only reason he rendered the arbitration decision which was in favor of the firefighters, and now it’s time to get rid of him? Aw, Majority Leader and/or Chairman, did it send the Mayor swirling into a fanatical frenzy because the Firefighters President won this round? Whose side are you on? Wouldn’t it have been superior if the FIREFIGHTERS were given the $800.000 of the TAX PAYERS money to begin with and this contract war had been settled many moon cycles and Pinocchio’s ago? I bet the City’s Labor Lawyer had a GREAT Christmas while the tax payers scrounged to purchase there families gifts at 3:00 AM in the morning at Wal-Mart, trying to grab the best deal, while most of you so called “politicians” slept on your Thomas Lee bed linens at that hour.

    Know one seems to know where the money went, who created ghostly positions, who’s to blame, how this happened, where’s my head, can’t find my nose, etc. Tit-for-tat? Sticks and stones? Ring around the rosy? These “men” run Providence’s best interest? You have got to be sh-----g me?

    Hey guys, take it out on one another in an empty field, you know the ones, where children play sports, or haven’t you had the time to notice that either? Or a boxing ring without an audience, referee or paparazzi (you won’t be charging the Providence Citizens a fee so that it can go senselessly to the lawyers or the ghosts, no one will interfere and no coverage so you won’t have “Hollywood” to make your backbones stronger) and you can punch one another senseless-leave the gloves at home.

    Put your screw drivers away, tighten your lug nuts, evolve and crawl out of the Black Hole…….

    Revolted Citizen

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    You need to call in to John Depetro or Dan Yorke and vent.

    The whole state is like that. If enough of us move to Massachusetts there may be hope that RI will be annexed. Perhaps split up between MA and CT.

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