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    Default Some of my collectibles

    Greetings all. If this against the web masters wishes please feel free to pull this post. I've hit a bit of a hard spot and with that said. I have put some of my fire collectibles on ebay. If anyone is interested my ebay id is fireguy919 of course lol. I don't know how often those of you that have ebay look at but might be something of interest to you. Thanks all. Again if it is inappropriate to have posted, please remove I do not wish to offend or push the limits of what the form allows.
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    Ah, ebay... The flea market for people like me who hate walking around at flea markets...

    I like the idea of ebay, and have recently purchased some items from ebay, including new suspenders for my turnouts. I think it is a great place to compare prices and look at available items. I respect the sellers that do so much to provide good service. Seems like a good idea for making extra money, just be sure to communicate with the buyers through emails. It might help bring repeat customers.
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