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    Lightbulb The Hiring Process

    I am about to go for my first interview for a firefighter position and was wondering what if there was any standard questions that were usually asked, and what the correct response would be to the questions. I feel unprepared.

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    BC Lepore's website aspiringfirefighters.com has a lot of free, essential information regarding interviews.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S1107487 View Post
    I feel unprepared.
    Yeah, you kinda are. I did well on my interview, but it was due to literally months of preparation. But since you're here asking, here are some resources:

    That's the LA City prep guide. I don't know where you're interviewing, but there are good tidbits in there that will help anyone.

    That's a good reference as well.

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    Also checkout www.eatstress.com as well.

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