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    Sorry if this should go in the Hiring forum, But a couple of questions...

    How often does SFFD hire? What is the process like? Does a NR medic working as a fire/medic in another state that is a 21 year old white male stand a chance in the hiring process? Just curious about the department in general. I'd love to work for a big, metro traditional department such as SFFD. Thanks


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    I'll get back to you with what I know later today.

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    Thanks Bou, I'd really appreciate it!

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    All I can say is that I have been waiting for them to hire for the past six years now. They must have a huge list they are still hiring off of from who knows when.

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    Well...."rumor" has it. Theres supposed to be another H-2 exam this fall. Personally I don't think there will be a H-2 exam until sometime in 2009 - early 2010 who knows. Theres supposed to be a H-40 (B.C.) and H-20 (LT.) exam sometime this yr. Like many Fire Departments. S.F.F.D. is a Great Department to work for.

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