Anyone got any Cairns 660C Metro helmets that are black that you may want to get rid of? I'm working on a small project for the Junior Firefighters in my department and I'm desperately trying to locate some used salad-bowls. The department supplies them with really old Cairns 880's that don't have an impact cap and the point of being a Junior is to learn the trade before becoming a Senior Member, but the department contradicts them by not providing them with adequate gear and by telling them they have to stay back and watch the rest of us work since their helmets are "too dangerous", meaning no hand on experience with many aspects, but even though Juniors can't actually go on the hoseline and do interior firefighting, or some things at MVA's, there are other things that they can do. It's even limiting their training. They are being required to borrow helmets or get their own when they have to take Fire School, so I'm taking my own action and fixing up some helmets for them. I got a friend of mine to donate his, which is the helmet pictured on the left, and I replaced the reflectors and crescent and added the goggles, and I managed to snag another one off EBay, which I replaced the reflectors on, but haven't added the crescent to yet, and added goggles to it. I already have two done. I'm looking to get at least 8-10. Doesn't matter what condition, as long as they aren't cracked. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.