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    Default FF I & II pre testing

    Did anyone sign up to pretest through a online company when going through the FF I&II testing? I found firequiz.com and it looks like it would be a great addition to the studying. I am a little nervous about this test since I have just started it and will not be doing the final test untill July. ANyone who has been through FF I & II please chime in and give me some insight and your thoughts.

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    Looks interesting, I would say that it couldn't hurt. I am aging my self, but things were not as tough when I got my FF-III... It appears that they have different test for different states. That is a good thing if true...

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    Be very cautious of any exam prep services that are not endorsed by the agency or organization you are taking the classes with/for. I would contact them, and see if they endorse any prep services. See if they have any sample tests, old tests they would be willing to share, or an outline on what will be tested. If they do not, you need to find out exactly what texts they will be obtaining their exam questions from, then obtain the text and study your answers from there. If I had to guess I would say the latest IFSTA manual. I would want to know where these services are getting their questions/answers.

    Form study groups with your classmates. Avoid the "party-ers", as your study sessions will only turn into social time disasters. Stick with those who display a sincere desire to further their knowledge and have a good work ethic. See if any of the instructors will help out after classes or on weekends.
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    Our dept. has the cd test disk that go along with our test book. I also used rescueexams.com. As long as you know any differences between local protocals and national ones the test prep is great. Get used to reading the wierdly worded test questions. If you know the key words to look for in each question you can usually ace the test. I got in the ninety's. Good luck.

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