New to the forums here, I only just found out how good they are! With my number on list 6019 in the 750-800 range I've really started to look for more information about many things. So far I've seen that I can reasonably look to getting into the second class, and that the CPAT isn't all it's cracked up to be difficulty wise. Are those statements accurate?

My main concerns now are with the background check. I got in a fight when I was 19(almost 5 years ago), I was arrested but didn't end up getting convicted of a misdemeanor or anything. Had to do some community service. That's not a big deal right?

Also I moved in with my friend from college over the past year simply for getting the 5 points. As much as I love the living arrangements(ha, it sucks in a sleeping bag on the floor 95% of the time.) I have no idea when I can move back upstate and be ok. Because I obviously wasn't going to live there for over a year or so, my name was never put on any bills. What exactly should I be planning to bring to prove my residency?

Thanks much in advance, this forum is quite a resource for me. (on a side note, I couldn't find direct answers through using search, if I missed one I apoligize)