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    Question 2008 Project

    I was just trying to see if anyone could give me a little advice. We applied for a grant for a new quint in 2007. We made it through until the later rounds and we rejected in mid December. The ladder we applied for was coming in at $740,000. I think a considerable part of the problem was the cost/benefit issue.

    Has anyone out there ever hit for a quint? Would we be better off trying to reduce the cost and go after a smaller ladder?

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    Sounds like you made it past the computer and received your DJ from peer review. If you made it to peer, you must be suburban or urban and your application must have shown a solid need based on your numbers. Call volume, population, # 4 story buildings, current vehicle age, etc. must be pretty decent to have made peer, especially on a $740,000 vehicle.

    Peer is scored based on four narrative elements. 1) clarity of the project description, 2) demonstration of financial need, 3) demonstration of benefits to be derived from the grant funds and 4) affect on daily operations. Could be as simple as your narrative needs some work.

    There have been a few trucks like this funded, but it is rare, like 1 or 2 a year. Trucks are already highly competitive. I'd polish the narrative and get some help from some guru's. Peer reviewers may see $740,000 as an extravagent quint. The only ladder I have ever quoted was a $995, 35' extension ladder. I have never seen anybody comment on this, but I wonder if the order that vehicles are listed in the priority matrix relates to scoring? Quint (Aerial > 76) is below aerial and below Quint <75'.

    I would ask for the minimum $$ you need and your cost/benefit would be better. If we get to submit two applications again next year, you got nothing to lose.

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    Lots of quints hit this year, for the right departments. Got 3 out of 6 with 1 still in limbo. Beating the computer is the first step, which you did. So unless you can really reduce the price without taking on a huge debt to pay the difference while applying for less.

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    Getting past the computer is the first hurdle, which you did indicating a viable project. The issue comes with the DJ after PR. Read the DJ carefully, because it will provide a hint on where the issue(s) is (are). At this stage one or more of the components of the narrative lack a compelling argument.

    You believe the issue is with the cost/benefit. First, do not reduce the size of the of the ladder to reduce the cost. If your need is for a larger ladder, reducing the size will not meet your needs unless you did not need the larger ladder to begin with.

    Take an overall review of the specs/options that you were looking at for the ladder. Take a hard look at them and decide are they truely a need or a want. If they are a want eliminate them to start reducing the cost.

    Are you looking at a pre-piped water way with remote control nozzle etc? A significant cost in relation to the amount of use it will get. Again, is it a need or just nice to have.

    Are you looking at new equipment to stock the vehicle to meet the NFPA standards? If this is your first ladder then it needs to be done. If you are replacing an existing ladder why new equipment? It's nice to have with a new vehicle, but you can have a significant savings by transferring existing equipment to the new ladder and only request equipment that you do not have.

    The project is viable, but adjustments need to be made to get it in the win column. Good luck.

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    Must have been a heck of a truck, we got a 95' platform/quint for 685. Included all the groung ladders, stokes and bracket. The first FEMA grant equipped it for us. Brian (I am a truckie) can probably give you more insight on the numbers that have been awarded, but from some of the figures that have been posted, I would say there have been several this year, or a lot of engines that included the kitchen sink.

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    Default 740,000

    I'll add a little insight. The reason it was 740,000 was we were getting told to expect a significant increase do to the new emissions. It really wasn't an extravigant vehicle.

    100' rear mount stick
    3 crosslays
    10000 Watt Generator
    1500 gpm
    It did have a remote control gun with a pre piped waterway

    Although I have to agree that it seems really high.

    What kind of platform did you get for $695?

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