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Thread: Eye Wear??

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    Default Eye Wear??

    I maybe asking a stupid question, but what do you guys do that have sub 20/20 vision. I just started my Fire Academy today, and just got home from my eye doctor, i need glasses, vision is 20/30.. but my eye doc said she didnt think contacts were allowed on the job... So im coming here to ask what all you guys do who wear corrective lenses.. thanks!

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    I just got contacts I can sleep in. They feel just like my old ones. Ask your eye doctor. All I said was I need 24 hour contacts for work.

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    Never had a problem with wearing contacts while at fires

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    I just wear contacts... Got the kind you can sleep in, haven't had a problem yet. They dry out a little when I'm on air for a while but nothin a little blinking won't fix.

    They also make inserts for most BA masks that allow you to put eyeglass lenses in.. May be another option for ya.

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    I wear contacts. I have never had a problem with contacts drying out on me or lossing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomhero View Post
    .. but my eye doc said she didnt think contacts were allowed on the job...
    There was a time not all that long ago when OSHA didn't approve of contact lenses on the job but that time is long gone. That doesn't mean that it's impossible that your state doesn't still prohibit them it its labor regulations. Check with your state labor department to be sure.

    That being said, I've worn contacts on the job for my whole career (including back when it was supposed to be prohibited ) and they've worked out just fine. If you do go the contact route, always make sure that you have extra lenses at work in case you get the set you're wearing contaminated and have to it and always have a pair of glasses with a current prescription on hand for those times when you can't wear your contacts.

    If you wear glasses and you are in an OSHA state, your department is responsible for providing you with an SCBA mask fitted with prescription lenses. (You may have to pay for the prescription buy they have to pay for the lenses and lens kit for the SCBA mask.)
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    i figured contacts were allowed, safer than glasses i would think.. let me ask you this question, if you are wearing contacts what is the best form of eye protection on the helmet, ie: goggles, shields, bourkes or defender visor.. im thinking of purchasing a carnes helmet w/best possible eye protection.. And anyone suggest the best helmet bang-for-buck, carnes 1010, 1044, 880, or bullard helmet? I realy do appreciate the opinons fellas!

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