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    I am a member of an industrial Fire Brigade. We have registered with the Virginia Department of Fire Programs as a Fire Brigade and also are an Accredited Non-Transport EMS Agency per Virginia Office of EMS. We handle all on site Fire, EMS, Hazmat, and Technical Rescue for a large chemical facility located in a suburb of Washington DC. Currently the company really doesn't have the money to provide us the resources we need, just enough to get by and we were wondering if we can apply for any grants to help with things like Response Vehicles, Training, and Equipment. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments welcome! Thanks!

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    Most government grant programs require you to be a public safety response agency, meaning you respond to an assigned area of public property (municipality, county, etc). If you don't respond off of the property except for mutual aid then it's slim pickens.

    The assumption (usually false) is that if you are supported by a for-profit company then they should be equipping you properly. If they aren't doing it b/c they don't feel like it, then they need to be reminded of the fun that can ensue when OSHA comes to visit. Even better, take it from the insurance angle. Odds are they'd receive lower premiums if their insurance carrier knew how well prepared and equipped you are.

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    Talk to someone in your risk management group, find out who your HPR carrier is. Then contact them and you may be able to work some wonders on a cost/ben. basis.
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