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    Default wsi soon

    any 1 going 2 iraq wit wsi? im leaving soon

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    I hope you plan on using spell check when you have to do paperwork.

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    Default Hey Bob

    Quote Originally Posted by weulz1396 View Post
    I hope you plan on using spell check when you have to do paperwork.
    Hey Bob i found your comment funny but have to tell you, out here in America that is the new grammar being used. Its all text messaging and text messaging is the new communication standard here.
    I had to get use to it. It supposedly more advanced and faster but you have to actually guess and try to understand what is being said. HA HA

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    Default email


    shoot me an email bro!

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    i personally cant stand it. i cant spell for the life of me but at least i still try to type in english.
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