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    Default Indiana Manditory Test

    wow. where to start...

    I joined a fire department in late july, and then enroled in the manditory class. My instructor was a joke and couldnt teach to save his life. He ended up giving us an oral exam and telling us that our manditory certifications should be in soon. Well weeks went by, and then months went by and my fire chief got suspicios, well turns out we needed to take a state test and do practicals. well thats fine, lets just do a refresher course and go on with the show. Not happinin.. The guy shows up a week ago, (last wensday) and says any idiot can take this test and pass. I have total faith in myself that i will pass this test, but faith and luck isnt what i need right now.. lol

    Well what i am trying to get at is.. Does any one know of any sort of review for the indiana Manditory test? or does any one from a Department in indiana have some guidence for me.

    I just want to help my township, and go on with this show, but with things like this it frustrates me.
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    I've been an Instructor in Indiana for 32 years, and I seriously wonder if he is really certified as an Instructor? You can check the State Certification record at: <http://www.in.gov/dhs/3987.htm>

    He cannot give you the test. It must be given by a State approved proctor. The proctor is usually another Instructor who has not been involved in teaching the class. The same thing goes for the Practical Skills evaluations. They require a separate Lead Evaluator and other Evaluators as needed. They cannot evaluate any skill that they taught your class.

    Good luck.
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