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    Default Buy laptop, Ipod, etc... now

    Im supposed to leave for Houston Feb 11. I got the Ipod last week and Im still deciding between two diff laptops.
    I would suggest getting both of those now so you have plenty of time to upload music and movies on each device. Im wanting at least a 250GB hard drive in the laptop to store more movies. Just my .02

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    did anyone ask a question about this? or did u just feel it was necessary to post your personal input here?

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    I think this guy just had a conversation with himself.
    Hello. Fire dept.. You light'em, We fight'em!

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    wow...im not sure what I was doing when I typed that (dont post/reply when you havnt got much sleep)!
    All I wanted to say is, if you can...get those things early to put more files on them ahead of time.

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