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    Default Elevation Pressure

    what are the implications of back pressure and forward pressure,when the nozzle is above or below the pressure source.

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    Add 5 psi for every 10-12 feet of elevation up. Subtract 5 psi for every 10-12 feet of elevation down.

    10 feet because that works if your trying to guess elevation if say your on the pump and the truck is in the road and the house is down in a hole or your going to the basement of a residential house.

    12 feet cause thats the average ceiling height of a commercial building.
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    We don't really worry whether its 9 or 11 foot floors. We figure + or - 5 psi per floor period.

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    It's + or - .434 per foot of elevation or descent for below ground levels, if you want to get technical... 5 psi + or - per floor works for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisE34a View Post
    Get in the books a little. Answers you have to find yourself are often remembered.
    Oh how true! It seems much to often we go to FH.com to ask questions that we should be looking up.

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