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    Quote Originally Posted by WildFireShane View Post
    Terds... Farts..... Only in FD can we take an important duty/task and turn it into bathroom humor. Love it!

    Now I kinda sped read through this as I multi-tasking so I apologize if this was already covered.. but Wasnt there a big push to actually move away from using RIT all together? I could have sworn I read an article in firehouse Mag. that said they were trying to move past the use of RIT/RIC "team" and rather train all firefighters on a given department the duties of RIT/RIC and how to get themselves out of a jam. Don't get me wrong I personally still want that RIT team availible, but lets face it, there are some areas that just dont have that kind of manpower, then half the time the people showing up dont actually have any formal RIT/RIC training/certification.

    I haven't heard anything about getting away from RIT teams. I wouldn't imagine that being an accepted idea, as anything to do with safety is usually stressed and not eliminated. Although training in self rescue and firefighter survival is always beneficial, there's too many problems that can arise in a fire that you wouldn't be able to get out of yourself (SCBA problem, run out of air, collapse, disoriented, etc). A dedicated rescue team with all the equipment they could need comes in handy in situations like that.

    As far as training everyone on RIT team operations, that really depends on the area. In my career dept., 4th due engine is typically the RIT team, so on any given day that you're on an engine company, you could be RIT at a fire. Whereas the area where my volly house is, there are certain companies that are trained to a county standard for RIT, and can be used as a RIT team. And those departments are called by the neighboring towns when a RIT team is needed.

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    I don't think that you will be able to standardize this... I understand that it is a possible issue with mutual aide and other things of that sort... I do think that a way to fix the issue on a local level is to do mutual aide training. Get to know eachothers operations, termonology, trucks, and personalities... I understand that easier said than done.
    I do agree that the terms should be limited to RIT or RIC. We use RIC where I am from. I do notice that alot of the "RIC Bags" say "RIT" on them...

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