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    Default Adding strength/durability to knees?

    This is a 'what can I do' thread.

    About a year and a half ago, I did some LSD (long/slowwwww distance) running, and developed an annoying pain in the anterior aspect of my left knee. It comes back every once in a while, and while more annoying than debilitating, Im concerned about it degenerating into just that.

    What, if any, exercises can I do, or foods/supplements can I consider to eliminate this issue?

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    If you're still doing LSD, consider that it may be more of an overuse issue for you. Decreasing the mileage might help along with icing the knees when you're done.

    If that doesn't help or is not the case, follow up with a good ortho or PT to make sure you don't have a dysfunction of the knee.

    It's a huge mistake to treat the pathology/problem and NOT the actual dysfunction, which is causing the issue in the first place.This comes from my experience of self treating a knee pain issue that went on for months. Once I got some PT, the pain vanished quickly.

    If there is no issue with the knee then focus on what's above and below the knee, the hips/ ankles to possibly fix the issue.

    All our joints operate on a balance of mobility and stability. The knee generally needs or wants STABILITY.

    The ankle and hip on the other hand need mobility.

    If you have too much mobility, you’ll have unrestrained movement. Too much stability and you’ll be too rigid to move.

    We tend to get locked up in our ankles and hips, both of which want to be more mobile, from just being part of society and sitting on our rumps too long. The knees now need to pick up the slack due to the decreased mobility in the ankles and hips and are forced to use more range of motion than they’re accustomed to, hence sometime why we feel knee pain.

    Again, if you've had a dysfunction ruled out by a Dr, then work on improving your ankle and hip mobility.

    Take more periodic breaks and get up from your computer desk more often.

    Acouple of minutes a day focusing on specific mobility drills can work wonders at improving your overall movement efficiency, which can help with your knee pain.

    Focus on specific food/supplements to reduce overall inflammation, like salmon, walnuts, blueberries, garlic.


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    Here are some exercise you can do to improve ankle and hip mobility if you've been cleared to exercise by a Doctor and have no dysfunction.

    Improving the mobility of these two areas will help every firefighter. They made a huge difference in how I move and my ability to withstand lowerbody fatigue on the fireground.


    Ankle Mobility: http://http://www.dieselcrew.com/articles/mikedavis-footandankle.pdf

    Hip Mobility:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQvaNlhEHY4

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