What film sets have you worked on?? and what did you do exactly??

THE HULK in TORONTO Are there any firefighters from Toronto Ontario Canada here? Was anyone here working on The Hulk on the night of Oct 5th 2007 on Yonge st.? The whole street was lit up with a dozen fires and propane fireballs and all kinds of incendiary charges were constantly going off. In fact I heard there was an injury because one of the extras got too close to an exploding car and the fireball burnt her hair.

Also I heard that in the first Darkman II which became Darkman III, the FX crew used too much explosive and blew up the wall the used to separate the two rooms in the El Mocambo? Does anyone here know anything about that?

BE KIND REWIND? Also, is there anyone here from New Jersey? Did anyone work on Be Kind Rewind in New Jersey in the fall of 2006? Is it true what happened there too? Be Kind Rewind - trailer