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    Default Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) from IAFF-FC

    Any locals have a PEHP plan? My local is considering starting a PEHP program and funding it with unused sick leave. If so, any info/advice you can post here would be appreciated (ie, how it is funded).

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    The local been working on a similar PEHP here in Fairfax County, Virginia.
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    We have a PEHP in place for about 6 years now. Funding is as follows, We put in 1200/yr, the city 600/yr. We also have a yearly sick time buy back. Works alright, a little extra put away for future medical.

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    We just started one. We have a VEBA or VIBA can't exactly remember but we put in 1% of our salaries before tax and it goes into an account which is similar to a pension fund. The way it is supposed to work is that after we retire we get a check each year for for insurance premiums. In Florida, once you retire from a government job, your old municipality/county must sell you the same insurance plan it provides to present employees at the cost that they(the governmental agency) pay. The idea is that every raise we get, 1%of that goes to the fund and when you retire that will pay for your insurance. The money is tax free in and tax free out so it lowers your taxable income, which helps out now too.

    We are going to try to merge with the PD because our salaries are similar. The city wants to include all employees which will help the fund to grow, but obviously the guy mowing the grass in front of city hall won't get the same monetary benefit we will. That all has to be figured out still, so right now it only pertains to the bargaining unit.

    Now if you already have insurance after you retire through you spouse or the military, the money can be used to pay for any medical expense not covered. That means ANY deductibles, rides to and from a medical office etc. If you want to get more of the specifics go to
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    and ask for Rick Rhodes. The county union has been doing this for a while and have so much money left over each year that the just bought all the retirees a $10,000 life insurance policy after paying their insurance.

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    Default Pehp

    We just set one up to cover our new hires health insurance premiums on retirement. It is through the IAFF Nationwide Plan. It is not very complicated, but there are very specific rules on whos monies can be put in it and when. You should contact the IAFF and they can work with you. It was a difficult choice for our local, but it is a necessity in this day and age. Our new hires must pay 50% of their premiums at retirement, and according to our consultants, this should cover those costs.

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