I live in a town called Gois is Central Portugal. It is a beautiful area, mountainous, lots of forestation, wonderful people. Two years ago this region of Central Portugal suffered horrendous forest fires - similar to what I had seen before on TV in California and Australia. Now I was caught up in a quite terrifying situation. People from our village had to be evacuated. Watching the Firefighters at work was awe-inspiring. Helicopters and planes spraying water. I have since come to meet and talk to a few of these firefighters, one a young girl, volunteer, who is still at college. The other, the Komandant of the local fireforce. This is not a wealthy area, and the majority of the staff are volunteers. I thought it would be wonderful if the Gois Fireservice could possibly, somehow, interlink with other parts of the world by way of an exchange programme. Guests to Gois would stay with a firefighting family. We are happy to start a Fund Raising Programme our end to help fund a member of the Gois Fire Brigade to visit overseas. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested, all views will be welcome.
Thank you. Dianne Franckeiss