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    Default Ciao from Sicily

    I'm a 15 year Navy vet (only 5 left and I get to sleep in on a Monday!) I'm not active with any department during this tour in Italy but I do get to keep up on training reading and some scuttlebutt from the crash department here on base and watch some great aircraft fire training. I'll have to see about getting some photos up for you guys and gals that don't get to see any CFR action.
    I can say that FF's in Italy take a very different approach to fires out here, with aggressive interior attacks if they get in early but go defensive a good deal sooner than I'm used to. There is very little wood construction and I'd estimate 95% or more of the buildings are concrete or some form of stone/masonry with the only fireload being the contents. My Italian is not yet good enough to talk tactics with the local FF's so I can only guess but, I'm thinking the spalling and floor or ceiling collapse of a poured concrete floor of unknown quality have something to do with the quick swap to a defensive attack.
    Anyone with any thoughts feel free to opine.
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    welcome to the site.

    hope you like Italy,nice country.
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    HOw do you like Sicily? Im thinking about working over there. Get back to me at

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