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    Default Oral Interview Nightmares

    OK, we've discussed how to dress for the oral interview and a very interesting thread. I've conducted interviews where people got crossed off after immediately walking in due to attire, jewelry, tatoo's, sunglasses, etc. George and others provided some very good information.

    OK, it got me to thinking about some job interviews I did that turned into nightmares.

    #1 was after I meticulously cleaned up, bought a new suit, and in shaving managed to nick myself very lightly while shaving. It wasn't a bad bleeder and I thought it was under control. During the interview I must have rubbed it, or scratched it, nobody said a word. When I got done I went to the bathroom and saw a nice trickle of dried blood which had run down my neck and then into my shirt collar. I realized right there I probably wasn't going to get the job, and my thought was 100% accurate.

    Last year I interviewed for a teaching position, during my interview the guy who the position would be replacing and was a big player in the process fell asleep. This wasn't a nod off, this was pure sleeping. Kind of told me that he had somebody else in mind, again I was right but everything worked out OK down the road.

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    Wow, you put a guy to sleep! You dont teach physics at a high school in Westchester County NY do you?

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