LASIK was the best thing Iíve ever done for myself. Some say that is quite expensive but its well worth it. The procedure really changed my vision into much better as I expected, and I will bring the benefits of it for the rest of my life, so price shouldnít be the major determining factor in vision correction. Im 37 yearís old and very outgoing person I always into extreme sports and last year the illness of my eyes became a major factor that I relinquish in my field of interest. Its kinda disturbing wearing eye glasses or contacts when I do photographs, good thing my friend recommend me the my2020 with their financing deals for my lasik surgery, now Iím back in my passion which is photography. Dr. Stephen B. Wiles my surgeon is so informative and has such a calm demeanor; he put me at ease even though I was nervous about the procedure. He went through all of the steps involved in the treatment so that I knew exactly what to expect. I appreciate everything he has done to make my vision what it is today. I can now see 20/20 with no help and do the things that im into before. I feel like Im back in my teenís life right now. I look great without having a thick glasses and I feel good of it.