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    Exclamation Survey

    Dear Forum Members,

    I am sorry for the miscommunication that has occurred here. My friend was attempting to help me with my research, but took a poor approach. I am currently in the process of developing my thesis, and formed the survey monkey link as a way to get feedback on my interview guide, before I began. The link was only supposed to be sent to a few close friends. I was hoping to ensure my questions addressed the issues I was interested in, and were understandable. I appreciate your comments, like pointing out you felt it was geared toward lifetime fire fighters. I would like to include people at all levels of the fire service, and need to make a few changes.

    All of the links have been removed, and in fact the site is no longer active. I would appreciate it if you contacted me personally with any additional concerns or feedback at KScruton@mail.sdsu.edu. Again I am sorry for any misunderstanding.
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    You are going to find yourself banned for spamming the forums...

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    One might expect someone who claims to be bright enough to be enrolled in a graduate degree program:

    a) would know enough not to crosspost the same message a dozen times or so...

    b) wouldn't actually even seriously consider doing an open call to surveymonkey and calling it legitimate research...


    This is a voluntary, anonymous, self-report online survey directed by Kimberly Scruton under the supervision of Dr. Kurt Lindemann, Dr. Patricia Geist-Martin from the School of Communication at San Diego State University and Dr. Jung Choi from the Sociology Department at San Diego State University.

    This survey includes questions regarding the emotional experiences of fire fighters' on the job. Specifically, this study seeks to examine the emotion labor involved in performing the duties of a fire fighter, and the importance of social support. You have been recruited to take this survey because you are an adult, who has worked in the fire services. You must be 18 years of age or older to complete this survey. If you decide to participate, your responses will be anonymous that is, recorded without any identifying information that is linked to you.

    If you have any questions regarding this research study, please feel free to contact Kimberly Scruton at (619-312-0486) (KScruton@mail.sdsu.edu) in the School of Communication. If any question(s) bring up thoughts or feelings that you wish to discuss, you may contact the National Helpline Network at (800) 784-2433 to obtain referrals to local non-profit organizations or community services that offer publicly available psychological or counseling services in your area. You may also contact the SDSU Counseling & Psychological Services at (619) 594-5220, by e-mail psycserv@mail.sdsu.edu, or visit the website at www.sa.sdsu.edu/cps/cps_home.html.

    If you have any questions regarding your rights as a participant in this research study, please contact the Institutional Review Board at SDSU, (619) 594-6622, irb@mail.sdsu.edu.

    We appreciate your participation.

    Kimberly Scruton, M.A. Candidate
    Kurt Lindemann, Ph.D.
    Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.
    Jung Choi, Ph.D.

    Source http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?s...w8o9BYMA_3d_3d
    For anyone inclined to comment on the candidate's "research methods," here is the relevant contact information:


    N.B. one observation you may come away with is that firefighters really, really dislike spam and spammers.
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    The Code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

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    What he said.

    I probably would have spent ten minutes on your survey had you not posted it 2353596970 times in every room.

    One post = reasonable. Many replies.

    2353596970 posts is spam. Spam is like fire. Around here it will be put out very quickly.

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    The main reason I'm not replying is that, as usual, the surveyor assumes that all firefighters do this for a living. It was even posted in the Volunteer Forum, but all the questions seem geared toward career firefighters. Not even a simple "Are you a career firefighter or a volunteer?" to start off with.

    So I guess I'm not qualified to answer the survey. Sorry.

    A little research before you start asking questions goes a long way, Kim. Know your audience.
    Chief Dwayne LeBlanc
    Paincourtville Volunteer Fire Department
    Paincourtville, LA

    "I have a dream. It's not a big dream, it's just a little dream. My dream and I hope you don't find this too crazy is that I would like the people of this community to feel that if, God forbid, there were a fire, calling the fire department would actually be a wise thing to do. You can't have people, if their houses are burning down, saying, 'Whatever you do, don't call the fire department!' That would be bad."
    C.D. Bales, "Roxanne"

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    Default Spam

    this posting has been deleted.
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    Nicely done!

    San Diego

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    I second that!
    Fan of Firefighter in San Diego

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