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    Unhappy Nothing here

    Gee I was in the top 10 on the list and I have not received anything as of Saturday. If you made it this far wouldnt they send a courtesy letter of regret?

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    New Haven Register article Monday, May 26, 2008

    Fire recruits now in training after escaping city’s budget ax
    By William Kaempffer, Register Staff

    NEW HAVEN — A new class of Fire Department recruits started Wednesday at the city’s regional fire academy, spared the budget cutting scalpel that forced the city administration to justify its existence.

    The class of 26 began their six months of training at the academy on Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, and when they finish, they’ll be certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

    “They certainly asked why are we doing this now, does it make sense financially,” Chief Administrative Officer Robert Smuts said of the Board of Aldermen in the face of a budget crisis that is expected to force scores of layoffs and other cuts in next year’s budget.

    “Our analysis shows that it saves money to do the class now,” Smuts said.

    The city hopes to seat an additional recruit this week after a 27th candidate declined the position at the last minute.

    Assistant Fire Chief Ron Dumas described an “impressive” pedigree in the class.

    One recruit has a degree in engineering from Syracuse University, Fire Commissioner William Celentano noted, and several others have degrees in fire science from the University of New Haven.

    Nearly a third already have their EMT certification and some already are certified firefighters from time as volunteers in their local communities. One new student even has certification as a fire instructor, Dumas said.

    About half of the all-male class are city residents. There are two candidates from out-of-state.

    “I’m just proud of this class, and I’m glad that we’re at this point,” Dumas said.

    This class has been a long time in the making and is the first to be seated since 2004. In December 2005, the Civil Service Commission killed the last hiring list amid concerns that the pass-fail exam violated the city charter.

    In early 2007, the city administered another hiring test, but new controversy about its scoring and delays in funding pushed back the start for almost a year.

    The city was in the process of hiring the class when it was revealed that less state funding than hoped for had produced a $14.2 million budget gap, forcing the city to cut services for next year, plan layoffs and press for union concessions.

    That opened a discussion of whether the city should delay the start of the class to save money, but Smuts said budget calculations showed the class ultimately would generate savings.

    Initially, the city will have to pay about $500,000 to fund the class, when considering the recruits’ salaries and costs of assigning staff to the academy to train them and filling those spots in the firehouse.

    Once the class graduates, however, Smuts said, the city will recoup that expense and more. Here’s how, according to Smuts: A new firefighter earns 46 percent less than a full-grade firefighter. Further, according to the union contract, firefighters earn regular pay for overtime shifts until they hit a certain threshold of hours in a 28-day period, at which point it becomes time-and-a-half.

    Because of vacancies in the ranks, the department is reaching a point where more and more firefighters are crossing that threshold, Smuts said, and an infusion of new firefighters would help reduce that situation.

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    Anyone hear of any possible classes coming up soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6fthook View Post
    Anyone hear of any possible classes coming up soon?
    Probably nothing from the entry-level list since they posted for FF/Medic a few weeks ago.

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