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    Default Apparatus Bay Floor Paint - Need Advice

    (I thought I posted, but perhaps this is a duplicate? If so, sorry!)

    We have an apparatus bay floor that is in desperate need to be repainted, however its been 8 years or more since the last paint had been applied, and it was poorly done at the time. We run our rigs over it year round and about half the year we subject the floor to tires that have winter sand and gravel on them because of snow and ice conditions.

    What I am in looking for is advice: what kind of floor paint have you used at your department? Any advice on what has worked for you or your station?


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    You should check out an epoxy floor covering. Sometimes a little pricey, but looks nice and holds up well.

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    Choose a color that can be easily cleaned like grey. We made the mistake of a red floor in one of our stations and it never looks clean, no matter how long you try. The epoxy is a good idea but, make sure you have a non-slip material added to the covering.

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